Monday, 20 January 2014

A good read deserves a good home - living with books

I thoroughly enjoy reading. I love a good book to escape into and for me that’s just as often a design book as a work of fiction. I’m also a member of a book club and personally insist on having the actual book rather then using an e-reader. I’m not normally a techno dinosaur but for me reading is also a romance, it’s about turning the page, physically feeling your actual progress and the sentimental smell of past reads (aka dust!). So giving these treasures a home is important and can be a conundrum if space is tight (or over flowing in my case). I no longer keep everything I read (and my local charity shops are doing well I hope from my book donations) but there are plenty I think I’ll read again or are good reference books need to find a home in my house.
You may have seen my post about my home office becoming a guest room here. This means I also have to put my design cap on about where to house some of my books. I'm not talking necessarily about organising but keeping it tidy and accessible. 

So what tips can I offer on managing a surfeit of books?

Monday, 13 January 2014

Moody Dark Walls

Baby its dark outside…. I am particularly feeling the dark mornings and early dusk at the moment. Yes I know we’ve just crept the other side of the shortest day of the year, BUT I have just spent a couple of weeks in the sunlight in New Zealand. So the darkness here has been dramatic after not being able to see Christmas lights till after 10pm!

Just like there is no magic way to make the days longer or sunnier trying to make a dark room lighter with paint colour alone is a losing battle. Keeping it light toned generally leads to mediocre. I’m sure we’ve all seen the seductive pictures of Abigail Aherns home to know that dark shades have drama. So I’m taking my own advice and turning once again to the darkside. My home office, which is soon to be a guest room, is going darker – it’s currently Farrow & Ball’s Elephant’s Breath. I’m toying with dark blues, dark greens and dark plums but who knows where the roulette ball will land. I'll keep you posted. 
I think this might be Farrow & Ball Brinjal. Image from pinterest here. It is probably not right for the room I have in mind but its a great colour. 

Friday, 10 January 2014

Got to have it

Just seen this and its screaming buy me, even though I have no need nor space for them. I might add the price point is a little out of my league too. If you've got deep pockets you can find these beauties over at 1stdibs

Happy weekend folks


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wistful Wednesday

Whilst the news keeps telling us of weather doom and gloom. I thought you’d enjoy a wistful revisit of my NYC trip in September. Thankfully we got spend some time in Central Park before the big “shut down”, look how green and lush it is. Gorgeous


Friday, 3 January 2014

2014 - don’t make resolutions

You may have noticed that I wasn’t “here” much in 2013. It just wasn’t the best year for me, but thankfully it wasn’t the worst either.  I felt out of sorts for more than most of it and then the last quarter was nightmarish. So I am embracing 2014 in a rather big bear hug and wondering how to be more present. This won’t however include making resolutions.

So many people make New Year's resolutions hoping this will help them to achieve more in the coming year, often focusing on breaking negative habits and patterns. This rarely leads to success in my opinion; just think of all those resolutions that are broken in the first two weeks of a new year.

I’m itching to make things happen but I’m going to grasp the path less travelled. I’ll make plans but I’ll also keep my eyes, ears and heart open to encouraging new directions. I’ll think less about the dream job, dream house and dream life and more about the happiness that day-to-day actions can have. I do however plan to be here more.

Wishing everyone a very happy 2014

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