B is for Brooklyn

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Have you been to Brooklyn? Gosh it’s a charmer, with a laid back creative vibe and littered with restaurants and independent boutiques. I was amazed by the relaxed atmosphere in Williamsburg, it felt a bit like Shoreditch 10 years ago mixed with Brighton.  There was no stilettos, power dressing or blowouts to be seen here, just plenty of bohemian residents. If I couldn’t see the New York skyline I think I could have duped into thinking I was someplace else.
With jetlag and a 1 year old we had early starts on our (very) brief trip to New York and on the day we popped over to Brookyln we were actually there before 9am. ON A SUNDAY! We found a great coffee place Konditori and had a gentle start before heading to the Williamsburg flea and crisscrossing the area’s streets in search of little bits of retail and foodie heaven. If you haven’t come across SuperFutures City Guides I highly recommend you take a look, as this formed the backbone to our day.

In terms of design I saw a lot of "rust" treatment for the exteriors on commercial and residential properties. Intentionally done, I might add and some of it done really well. I was taken with two examples particularly (see below pics), the two door tavern and shelter pizza (from the guys behind Rosarito fish shack). Both executed very differently but very striking industrial style. I was quite taken with the vintage Americana vibe at shelter pizza.

I had so much fun at the Williamsburg flea Market, whilst I didn’t come away with anything for my home I saw some great kids toy and fashion vintage. Plus the food there was soooo good. I can personally vouch for dough donuts. Puts the markets I go to here in the UK to serious shame. AND the biggest plus point of all was the killer view of Manhattan.


  1. I just love your photos and I think you captured Brooklyn perfectly.

  2. Found it! Great article and photos on the rust finish..hope to see you next week for RDE?


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