Monday, 2 September 2013

September already and a milestone birthday

Its September already I just can’t believe it. Why? Because it means that the amazing UK summer we’ve been experiencing is nearly over, its back to school for many people including me and the biggest shock – my little boy is turning 1.  I just can’t believe it’s been a year since he came into this world.

This time last year I took the below picture of his little baby nursery (you can even see my hospital bag!). We’re already on to a bigger cot and I’ve added more storage but its time for his room to meet the needs of a toddler.  Everything is happening so fast…..

So my children’s room and nursery board on pinterest is filling up with ideas on the next stage. Most importantly I need book storage that he can access directly and I need secured storage for his toys that he can’t topple onto himself. As you can see below he's climbing and exploring. Plus he needs a child size comfy chair as he’s out grown his bouncer but dislikes beanbags. I'm sure now that his personality is starting to show the d├ęcor will need tweaking too, but for now it’s about practical solutions.

So a big fat happy birthday to my baby boy who’s turning one.



  1. Gosh, already a year!

    He is so gorgeous. A proper boy!
    Congratulations x

    1. Tina its shocking isn't it? How time flies when you're having fun (or in this case no sleep!)

      Time passing has taken on a whole new meaning these days.....

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