Wednesday, 19 June 2013

J’adore Outdoor Rooms

It's a very British thing to be preoccupied by the weather. In recent weeks whilst Summer still feels likes its taking its holiday somewhere else, it's been inescapably the topic of many conversations. Admittedly I'm lost for words realising that the longest day of the year is literally around the corner yet the temperature is barely above mid teens.

In typically British fashion my husband and I sat on the beach yesterday evening (waiting for our restaurant reservation), foolishly believing it was warmer than it actually was. Like many I relish long evenings outdoors with a drink in hand sitting in late evening sunshine taking in the rays like a lizard. Whilst we might not be experiencing the weather for it (but its coming soon I hope), I can't help but be drawn to garden furniture and garden design. There are so many wonderful options, no longer are we condemned to perch our behinds on spindly wrought iron furniture with rust patches (unless that's the style you're particularly after).
Outdoor dining in the UK is a rare thing. However small the window of opportunity it needs to be maximised and having a space in your garden to eat outside is essential. Even in the smallest of gardens its possible to incorporate dining space with the use of built in benches.


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Not convinced - love or loathe?

It’s been one of those days where I don’t know if I’m coming or going and quite frankly I’m all at sea, even though both feet are firmly on terra firma.  Off I went to work this morning, tutoring budding Interior Designers who are all beavering away on their final project of the year. However by the time I’d got on the train to London I realised I’d forgotten my headphones and my laptop. My coffee was sans sugar and the croissant I had tasted weird. All before getting to the office so to speak.  By lunchtime everything had returned to operation normal, although I had been up and down the stairs at least a dozen times (mostly unnecessarily). Then on a quick visit to Peter Jones to see if there was anything cute for my little boy I saw the Duchess of Cambridge. Yes really, there was Katherine Middleton in the baby department.  Completely blew my socks off. Did I say “hello I’m a Middleton too and I’ve just had a baby and I design nursery’s”, no I didn’t.   Everything’s hunky dory now but I’m convinced (in my water, as my Nan used to say) that something isn’t quite right still.

Another thing I’m not convinced about is pastels.  I like pale and interesting interiors as much as I like full on colour but there is one style I can’t personally abide. Pastels.  I can see the beauty in these shades particularly when combined well, but, something about them in interiors just sets my teeth on edge. 
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