Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Not convinced - love or loathe?

It’s been one of those days where I don’t know if I’m coming or going and quite frankly I’m all at sea, even though both feet are firmly on terra firma.  Off I went to work this morning, tutoring budding Interior Designers who are all beavering away on their final project of the year. However by the time I’d got on the train to London I realised I’d forgotten my headphones and my laptop. My coffee was sans sugar and the croissant I had tasted weird. All before getting to the office so to speak.  By lunchtime everything had returned to operation normal, although I had been up and down the stairs at least a dozen times (mostly unnecessarily). Then on a quick visit to Peter Jones to see if there was anything cute for my little boy I saw the Duchess of Cambridge. Yes really, there was Katherine Middleton in the baby department.  Completely blew my socks off. Did I say “hello I’m a Middleton too and I’ve just had a baby and I design nursery’s”, no I didn’t.   Everything’s hunky dory now but I’m convinced (in my water, as my Nan used to say) that something isn’t quite right still.

Another thing I’m not convinced about is pastels.  I like pale and interesting interiors as much as I like full on colour but there is one style I can’t personally abide. Pastels.  I can see the beauty in these shades particularly when combined well, but, something about them in interiors just sets my teeth on edge. 
I adore oyster pink in boudoirs and walk in wardrobes. A dash of lemon can be a gorgeous accent colour and who isn’t drawn to tiffany blue? But a room full of pastels leaves me drained. I can appreciate the colour combining but the notion is just too saccharine.  I’ve felt the need to get this off my chest ever since I saw the below advert from Mac (I’m normally such a fan) and in my daily visits to pinterest I’ve noticed a lot of pastel pins of late.  
I just think ice-cream colours should stay in the sweet shop. Controversial?  Not really. Opinionated? Hell yes.  How about you? Do you love or loathe? 
I could just about cope with this above - pastels used as accents. All image sources here
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I also actually like this above.

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  1. Well I am going to have to disagree with you on both fronts.
    1) I like pastels, BUT I think they need a big dose of black to stop them feeling twee, like in the last picture.
    2) I can't bear Kate Middleton. I really don't get why we are supposed to fawn over some over privilege posho who has done nothing more remarkable than marry the man she loves, a man who appears to be in line to run our country for no other reason than he has 'magic blood'. Ridiculous. You are a far more interesing Middleton to me! x


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