Friday, 29 June 2012

Building the Nursery {yellow accents & etsy love}

It’s probably no surprise that nursery ideas and design is taking up too much space in my brain at the moment. All the major elements of my little baby’s room are taking shape or on order. I’m now in the pretty styling and accents stage and it’s not as straightforward as you would think. The reason, well I believe that vintage, antique and family keepsakes bring soul to a room and this includes all the rooms in my house. Finding things isn’t as straight forward as popping to IKEA - which btw has some wonderfully affordable baby/toddler/kid pieces. So I’m snooping and hunting. My own loft has given me a few things of consideration in a repurposing way, as has my parents and the in-laws lofts. But those last remaining pieces are illusive. Etsy though has been keeping me busy in the evenings. I find it eminently more shoppable than ebay and I love the handmade section, but it’s the vintage selection that’s generally been my hunting ground.

Below is a trawl through some really wonderful yellow items that are on etsy and made it on to my I-really-really-like-that list.
Items from the top:
  • Edith & Eleanor by ARTificalLights – LOVE LOVE LOVE these. If I was having a girl they’d be bought by now
  • Nautical Party Bunting Banner in Yellow and Navy Blue by LoodeLoop – these are new but very nice I’m sure you’ll agree
  • Needle felted Fox by LittleTeethMarks – how cool is this little fellow? Living in an urban environment I see foxes more than anyone who lives in the country and I have a soft spot for their likeness
  • Ceramic Owl Bank Vintage Design Lemon Yellow by fruitflypie – this still might be purchased as I really like it
  • Vintage nautical signal flag by ginandtonicshop – lovely colours on this. Reminds me of the Hudson Bay Companyompany (P.S if anyone wants to get me anything from HBC's dog selection or  blankets – I’d be very happy)


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Snooping for Salvage at the Salvo Fair

On Friday I headed over to the Salvo Fair in Maidenhead. It wasn’t the best weather but the field hadn’t quite dissolved into the muddy quagmire that the Isle of Wight Festival had.  Donning the appropriate wet weather gear my colleague and I made our tour of the stalls. Unlike last years visit I didn’t have quite the same laundry list of items to look out for. Quite a few items caught my eye and a couple of things were purchased. We also spotted Will Young (winner of 2002 Pop Idol) and I really did wonder what he was on the look out for - he seemed quite taken with some library stairs.

Hopefully the below will sate your appetite. 
I am always drawn to religious iconography and paraphernalia. I previously bought some pictures of saints that my husband absolutely detests. So nothing like this will make it into my home. 
Loved the eagle - nearly bought a huge brass eagle last year in France. I also wanted the shield below - loved the rust on it.
 A favourite - lighting. Wasn't as much lighting as last year. 
This gnome really tickled my fancy. Never been drawn to them ever before but he had a great pointy hat and was from Mannheim in Germany (he was also VERY expensive). 
We've all seen lots of this about but I prefer vintage over repro any day. 
Isn't this packaging fab? Would any of the these items have made it home with you?


Monday, 25 June 2012

Monday Inspiration – Paris in a heart beat

Well summer is here, as of Wednesday last week. Whilst the sun may not be regularly shining, I’m sure we are all thankfully for the rays we do get. Whilst I was nearly washed away at the end of last week I am ever hopeful that the days are yet to turn.

It also heralds a bit of a change here too on my blog. For the summer months and the run up to my impending maternity hiatus I’ll be lightening up the posting calendar for a couple months. It will hopefully also give me a chance to get my head down and finish off some work things before life changes radically round here!  Do stick with me though, I promise I’ll publish some great articles in between getting the nursery up and running and finishing off projects.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Today over at HeartHome {light love}

God I love lighting. It ticks so many boxes for me, practical, necessary, decorative, elemental and mood altering. Today over at heart home I’ve highlighted lighting made from marble and concrete. Industrial and metamorphic – how cool is that?


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Belated Monday Inspiration {the blues…. and greys}

I certainly don’t have the blues today, which so often can be the case after a truly lovely weekend. It was one of those easy going but lovely ones that include fresh air and fun.  I am however completely taken with these couple of images below, I have no idea where they are from (if you know, please let me know! Ta). Blue grey's rocking my world at the moment. What do you think?

Friday, 15 June 2012

Something for the weekend {the list}

Inspired by last weeks visit to the Olympia Antiques Fair and also from a quick visit to a couple of showrooms in Clerkenwell. I thought I’d pull together a little board of items centred around the iconic Florence Knoll sofa, that would make me very happy should they arrive this weekend.  Quite frankly they’d make me happy if they arrived anytime!
Products 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


Thursday, 14 June 2012

Today over on Hearthome {rain rain go away}

The weather continues to be topic no.1 across the country. Will it ever stop raining? Are we going to get any summer at all? Today over at hearthome I’ve put together a few items to help make the most of your garden even if the weather is inclement.


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Totally glossy {what are your walls wearing?}

I am lusting after glossy reflective surfaces at the moment. It feels like an antidote to the dull overcast weather and a move away from the “make do and mend” interiors that have cornered so much attention of recent years.  Don’t get me wrong still love concrete (!) and a little bit of rustic industrial but loving the glamour of gloss too. 

This Mac advert kinda sums it up really - how totally drool worthy?
It seems to work best with strong saturated colour. Would you be brave enough to do this in a room?  

Monday, 11 June 2012

Poorly Dog and the dangers of fishing lines {Milo}

Not so much Monday inspiration and more Monday incensed today. I have had a nightmare 24 hours and completely exhausted and distressed.  As my regular readers will know I have a gorgeous dog called Milo. Yesterday afternoon whilst out walking my dear little dog found a baited hook, wrapped in fishing line. Unfortunately I was not quick enough to stop him, as dogs will be dogs, so he ate what he could smell.

Since then he has had to have emergency abdominal surgery to remove the hook now we are waiting for further updates on his progress. Needless to say, he is very poorly.

I am so incensed that a fisherman would do this. We’ve all seen the horror stories in newspapers and TV cautioning the dangers of discarded lines and hooks and the danger this presents to sea birds. Never did I think it would be so close to home. I’ll never forget his squealing when I tried to untangle the line from his tongue.

And if I ever see a fisherman discard line or a baited hook ever again I shall swing for him. 
 When we first got Milo 
 Milo loves a walk in Brighton with his Mum & Dad
 He also likes to sunbathe


Saturday, 9 June 2012

Something for the weekend {Street Art}

Spied in rainy London some great graffiti  -  LOVE IT


Friday, 8 June 2012

It's good for the circulation {Antiques}

I just can’t help myself even if I don’t have much time to spare I always have to squeeze in a side trip. This is exactly what happened yesterday, I was in London for an appointment but had an hour and half that was a bit loose and free. So I took myself off to the Olympia International Fine Art & Antiques Fair (7-17th June). So glad I did, even if it was the briefest of visits.  Whilst I didn’t see Mick Jagger this year (he was there last years) I did spot Jemima Khan née Goldsmith.  She was eyeing up the same pair of panels that I was on Peter Petrou’sPetrou’s stand of the Circulatory & Nervous Systems. 
Last year I eyed excitedly some Momento Mori plaques.  Ok so both of these are slightly macabre but there is something appealing to me in the gothic sense. They so wouldn’t “go” in my own home (plus DH would have proverbial apoplexy) and I have yet to do a project where something like this would be appropriate but it just gets my blood so excited. Weird? Possibly. Would you have any of these in your home? 

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee

What a lovely long weekend and what wonderful display of national affection the UK put on for the Queen. Here are a couple of snaps I took out and about over the weekend (which for the most part was dry & sometimes sunny In Brighton!)

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