Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Signing out with my autumn hues

So it’s sign off week for me and to bid you all a blissful autumn I’ve pulled together the below glorious images (from my pinterest page) to inspire you. As a colour palette this is breaking my heart it’s so beautiful; black, inky blues, mulberry, blackberry, plum, mustard, hints of gold and stormy blue-grey.  
Oh to be starting a project I’d be itching to use some of these. Instead it’s {new} family time for me but I’m sure I’ll be hard pushed to keep away from pinning and twitter.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Yesterday on Hearthome - wallpaper for boys

Yesterday over on hearthome I showcased 3 of my favourite wallpapers for Boys at the moment. Whether its cars, dinosaurs or maybe just a strong graphic, there is something for everyone here.  Wallpaper is one of the most transformative and accessible items kids rooms – although may well be drawn upon or coloured in! Pop by and have a look…..


Friday, 10 August 2012

All aboard - countdown begins

I’ve been very quiet of late primarily due to the foreseeable deadline that is fast approaching (T minus 23 days) and time is slipping through my fingers.

I’ve been wrapping up my work things and getting the final necessary bits and pieces together for my little one. It’s been a bit non-stop and I’m about to put my feet up next week for some rest. I did make a quick trip to Sunbury Antiques about a week ago looking for chairs. But alas none were forth coming, although I did come home with a delightful dachshund boot scraper!
Religious statues from a French dealer, we watched a women select 7 of these for a bargain price, she definitely choose the prettiest.

Plenty of chairs just not the shape or size I was after. Although this pair in vinyl could look fab after reupholstering.
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