Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wednesday Wants: Etsy love {for the nursery}

The nursery is starting to fill with boxes, well actually everywhere in the house is. This is a good thing as it means I am making progress on getting it all together, as its really not very long now. I also thank my lucky stars we had a big clear out and car boot back in May. As all last weeks deliveries and purchases need to find a home, but keeping my focus on anything is now starting to be problematic. To that end I’m rekindling my love of lists, I’ve just got to write it down otherwise I won't/can’t get it done. nope

So even though I have a mountain of things I am still being drawn to pretty frivolous items. Etsy as you know is place I like to while away the hours. So rather than shop I thought I’d share some great trinkets that I found on etsy (and made it on to my I-really-like-that list).
Items from the top:
Loft, Red elephant, Rudy the dachshund, Porky Pig, Vintage Set of Bobbsey Twins Books

Items from the top:
Vintage Teddy Bear FigurineMoth cushion, Extra Large Custom LetterOzz Fran├ža Sad Clown Hobo Children

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