Monday Inspiration {or total destruction?}

Monday, 2 July 2012

I’ve got the greys today (like the blues only less, well, blue) and I’m missing the sun. It’s such a British occupation to be obsessed with the weather and I fight the urge all the time but today it can’t be helped. It’s July for goodness sake. Given I’m now in my third trimester I can’t even escape to sunnier climes and I think its that, that’s got my goat, so to speak. 

In my extreme nesting schedule the painting and decorating is nearly finalised and that is very exciting. It’s nearly at the stage of getting items back out of storage and arranging the furniture, putting up pictures and generally making the place liveable again.  It would be great to actually see the floor in my office (and the shelves). I’ve been using the place as a storage facility – this does actually make working more difficult! But it’s been “for the cause”. 
A sneak peak at the destruction I have caused.... but like the caterpillar it will be transformed
The bay window has been evolving for sometime but the black hole with earth wasn't an option I wanted to keep 

The stairs, bannisters and architectural moulding are under going a major transformation. The renovation of the plaster was painstaking but worth it.
New windows, not so exciting but so essential and living in a conservation area means a few more hoops to go through. Love that my neighbour caught the builders on a "break". The newly finished floor (below) though is exciting and totally gorgeous. 
So you can image the dust and debris I've been putting up with.... 

To inspire me today I’m pulling out all the stops. The future has got to bright, light and decidedly warm. Otherwise I might get all emotional ;) It's got to be able to fight through the dust, the overcast sky’s and the smell of paint fumes….. 
The only thing capable of that is sun and water (and if I wasn't pregnant a large frothy drink)

images via here and here


  1. I am really amazed by your home project - it looks like such a big deal of work but I am so sure you'll bring it to a fabulous ending!

  2. Oh how exciting Mary. Can't believe that's your office, eek!
    Love how seadsidey your house is x


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