Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Totally glossy {what are your walls wearing?}

I am lusting after glossy reflective surfaces at the moment. It feels like an antidote to the dull overcast weather and a move away from the “make do and mend” interiors that have cornered so much attention of recent years.  Don’t get me wrong still love concrete (!) and a little bit of rustic industrial but loving the glamour of gloss too. 

This Mac advert kinda sums it up really - how totally drool worthy?
It seems to work best with strong saturated colour. Would you be brave enough to do this in a room?  

I don't think it works as well with neutral walls (or maybe its that rug - like it, but not here in this setting) whereas the strong colour give instant sex appeal and screams glamour.

I really like this cobalt colour (below) with the pops of yellow. Not so keen on the ceiling colour though or the rug. 

Images via Elle D├ęcor, Traditional home and here


  1. I've never considered glossy walls. Thanks for making me think of this option!!

  2. I like them, but perhaps they can be too shiny? They look better in dark colours. MAC have some brilliant imagery don't they?


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