Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Oh what have we done? {home maintenance}

Living in an old house means that there is often a fair bit of maintenance required. Living in a Victorian terrace in a seaside destination also brings with it salt and water (and sometimes wind) problems, the salty air is highly corrosive.  However my current home maintenance project hasn’t come from salty air but high levels of water ingress and my desire for change. My darling DH and I have set to and demolished our built-in bay window seat only to find that a lot of maintenance was required before we redecorate our living room.  It’s not a huge surprise but it is a pain in the rear end….

If that wasn’t maintenance enough we’ve also whisked away the carpet on our stairs (it was tired and quite frankly I didn’t like it anymore – far too oatmeal in colour). This now means that apart from the fact that Milo won’t walk up/down the stairs anymore (we now have to carry him up and down; how pampered is our pooch?) that we also have some serious sanding and filling to do. Well I say “we”, when in fact I’m getting a “man” in to do it.

Do you live in an old house? Do you find its a bit like the Forth Bridge and needs constant maintenance? Is it your pride any joy though, filled with your love and labour?


  1. I feel your pain Mary, our bathroom is currently undergoing renovation and I've also ripped up our stairs carpet.....
    I have managed to complete all sanding and they are ready for painting ;-) and have now ripped up the bedroom carpet..... eeekkk! x

  2. Gosh, your poor bay window looks like a bomb has dropped on it! I have an identical photo of my stairs too. The carpet was ripped up back in 1996 and still nothing has been put in its place, apart from a lick of F&B Flake White, which incidentally is 'Flaking' from volume of traffic :-)

  3. Wow it looks like a good deal of work!! But I am so sure it will be fab after the work has been done! Though, I admit, I am not a fan of living on a construction site, but sometimes it just can't be avoided. On the other hand, there is nothing as special as living in an old house. I prefer that to modern, impersonal buildings...

  4. Ah, the surprises you get when you own an old house. You think it will be a quick project but then you discover something unexpected. Been there, done that. I'm sure the finished projects will look great. Sanding and painting our stairs is on my list as well...Btw love your bag!

  5. We're having the paint colour debate for the stairs right now. I'm up for something dramatic, DH less so - it'll be a compromise but that's ok. What I couldn't believe though was that the previous owners had covered the newell post. I thought it had been removed so left the boxed monstrosity there but in fact they had covered it - why? I do not know.

  6. You'll find something that will look great and make you both happy! I'm not sure what color to paint our stairs, have a pinterest board just dedicated to stairs ;)

  7. Eek Mary what have you done!!!

    Ah the one benefit of living in rented is that sort of mess is not our problem. But we do have to live with lilac walls in the bedroom.

    I think you should decorate the stairs with lots of pansies, birds and portraits xa

  8. Mary, it will be worth the effort! your lovely seaside home needs a lot of maintenance, with the salt air, but worth every penny, and the extra space in the bay window just the place for another chair - and chairs are your passion!


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