Monday Inspiration {Pinning my way}

Monday, 23 April 2012

Do you use Pinterest?  I’m a little bit of an addict… not a major one, but definitely more than a dabbler as I do it everyday.  I've been really active on pinterest for a while now and I’m very aware of the addictive nature of pinning.  Now I visit once or twice a day for 5 mins.  I do find it's a useful and creative tool and there are also some very interesting people using it.  I use it to help organize my thoughts and help with my blog posts.

Some of my favourite boards are below. I’m particularly focused on Living Room’s, Children’s rooms, Photo & gallery Walls, hallways and Colour, Colour, Colour at the moment. Partly due to projects and also just my own obsessions.
What about you?  Do you pin? Is it everyday?  What do you like/dislike about it? 
Do stop by my pinterest for a visit here


  1. I don't use it that often, once a week maybe, but I'm finding it so flipping useful! It's great for coursework, means I don't have to write down everything that I've used. Can't wait for the private boards.

    1. It makes creating inspiration boards so easy, doesn't it? I used to trawl through tumblr before looking for images. The only downside is the search function as its based on what people write in the comments..... Love it though


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