The Weekend Wish List

Friday, 17 February 2012

Another week nearly over and the weekend is nearly here. I’m off to visit my in-laws and meet their brand new puppy. Isn’t she the cutest?  I hope Milo will be a good boy and take her under his wing, so to speak.
I think at the very least we need to bring a “welcome” gift to the new puppy and I think the below Sleep dog bed from Cloud 7 is fantastic. Not only is it made from organic cotton but it will fit in with any d├ęcor (also the people behind the company Petra and her other half are really very nice and love their dogs!).  The rest? Well that’s just because really…. Who wouldn’t want to sit on that yellow sofa, under a blanket, having tea and cake off that set of crockery?

Product source
1) Grasshoppa floor light from Gubi
2) Cokethorpe sofa in Sanderson Taormina gold from Wesley Barrell
3) Johnstons Lambswool Stripe Blanket from achica
4) Sleepy dog bed by Cloud 7
5) Natural tree stump side table from West Elm
6) Wickford sandpiper and sea cliff collections from Kate Spade


  1. lol Mary you#re not going to believe this but I just did a guest post for This Home Sweet Home and I put that stump table from West Elm on there as well.

    Considering you bought the glass box and the candlestick first I think you should tell me what to buy next! :D

    So funny! Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend with that cute puppy. I'm hoping to be holding a 5 months old baby a lot this weekend (while she is smiling at least) when we are visiting some friends. So hopefully I'll get my cuteness fix :)

  2. No way this is starting to get freaky #greatminds and all..... clearly on the same wavelength although I image the sofa isn't your cup of tea. I really want the light from Gubi and I saw another I really loved in Malmsten before Christmas... decisions.

    Enjoy your cuddles x

  3. OK, so that sofa is brilliant! Love it, Mary. Have a great weekend!

  4. That lamp and the Kate Spade tableware are going on my wish list, too! Have a fab weekend, Mary.

  5. I actually think the sofa looks quite nice :) With a big bright window behind it and white walls it would be my style :) In a spot like this:


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