Thursday, 2 February 2012


So I’ve had a fantastic trip to Norfolk and fully embraced the R&R on offer. Now though I have a roaring cold and not fairing so well….  What I am craving though is comfort, warmth, new sinus’ and lungs….. Hopefully all will be well shortly and normal service will resume
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  1. How naughty of Norfolk to give you a cold! I think a big bowl of soup and a large blanket to wrap up in whilst eating it will help immensely

    Cold be gone

    Jane x

  2. Jane
    Thank you ever so much. Sitting wrapped in a blanket at my office desk with a huge mug of hot water and lemon. Acting like I've got Man flu..... well I did catch it off my husband.

  3. Hope you will feel better soon Mary. Take care of your self. A bit of spoiling is only good for you.

  4. Ah poor you! Hope you feel better soon. That last photo looks like the most welcoming bed ever!


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