Choosing paint colour {not always easy}

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I have a day of choosing paint colour ahead of me so need to relax my eyes and find the right light. It’s always a good idea when choosing colour to have a really large paint sample  - I paint mine onto lining paper. Too many people paint a square directly onto their walls that’s only about 10-15 cm. How is that possibly going to help? Also it will be a complete pain to paint over!

It’s also worth noting that colour changes when you put multiple coats of paint on. A room needs a minimum of two top coats and that means that your reference sample should be a minimum of 2 coats as well.


  1. Wise words Mary. So true about lining paper. Most people do use their walls and then ask me what I think! Very frustrating indeed. Great post.

  2. I am totally rubbish and just decide on the colour I like and paint the wall, if I did tester's I would never choose.

    Farrow and Ball haven't let me down yet, the last wall covered was in Elephants Breath and I love it.

    Jane x

  3. Not always easy? I'd say never easy!! I am so indecisive with the abundance of shades in stores!!

  4. how contrasting from Igor and Jane? Does it make it make sense when I say its easier to do it for other people? It really is! Tina do you find this?


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