Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Colour: A blog round up

I’ve been on a colour fest since Maison et Objet in January and have come across some great examples of fabulous hits of high octane colour.  I thought I’d share some of my favourite finds with you.

I love the attention to detail shown in the two examples by Diamond Baratta Design. The mixture of colour, scale and natural light is so expressive and right now I want it to brighten my day (given its dreak and dreary here).
Holly Becker over on Décor8 has a great post on Pantone’s Autumn 2011 Colour report.  As Leatrice Eiseman, from the Pantone Color Institute is quoted “[the fall palette is about]…artfully combining bright colors with staple neutrals…” Taking Leatrice's advice is certainly away to introduce these hues into our homes.  I’m currently very excited about Honeysuckle, Deep Teal and Quarry – not necessarily very English interiors colours – but fabulous. Certainly enough to make me smile. 
A real favourite, Heather Jenkinson has a fabulous post on designer palettes, which is completely in tune with my fluttering heart on the new Farrow & Ball’s Manor House Grey. I am itching to use it in my own home with something bright, bold and hopefully zingy.
Be still my heart
Heather has also posted about the recent Upstairs Downstairs series, which along with last years Downton Abbey has really inspired me – lots of lost interior colours.  I am definitely seeing a move to incorporate both old and new influences, modern interpretation of historical tones and taking cues from the great stately homes.  Heather’s palette beneath Lady Agnes completely rocks too.
Megan Arquette aka Beach Bungalow 8 recently showcased the work of Swedish stylist Lo Bjurulf. Full on colour here and absolutely no shying away from it.  I’m not sure there are many client’s who could be persuaded to paint the walls, ceilings, molding’s, architraves, doors and radiators bright fuchsia pink. But it works so well and I bet it is an extremely flattering room to be in – warming up the skin tone. Maybe a future bathroom project?
I was introduced to the diversion project by Heather Jenkinson. This eye popping blog is full of the most beautiful things and I get my fix as regularly as I can - daily when time permits. In today’s post there is an easy-peasy solution to getting high octane colour into your home, even if your other half isn’t so keen. The statement wall made easy or half size in this case. 
I have been excited to see so many blogs talking about the approach to colour. Andrew Dunning at APD has a fantastic explanation of the differences between tonal, harmonious and complementary colour schemes – a brilliant back to basics and a real reminder about getting colour right.  
In australian homes and lifestyle Adore Magazine there is a feature on the lovely eclectically stylish Abigail Ahern advising on how to vary the intensity of colour. Completely agree that “painting a space a different hue is one of the most transformative things you can do and it’s cheap."

More roundup on colour to come…… 


Friday, 18 February 2011

Craving sunshine and balmy days

I think I’ve been too ensconced in winter and NOW I’d really like spring to arrive. I’m craving those burgeoning warm days and bright sunshine.  

I’d like to take a stroll through fields with calves and lambs and enjoy the countryside. I’d like to give my dog a bit of stretch and have a fine pub lunch. 

Please, please, please let spring being soon…..

I'm sure my craving will probably bring rain and mist and drizzle and general dank dreary weather......

Enjoy the weekend

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sensory heaven and plenty of colour

I was introduced to Mariage Freres tea by a good friend but I only had the full sensory experience in Paris. The smell, the taste and the colour of the stand….

Bring on the tea.


Saturday, 12 February 2011

Taxidermy too far

Taxidermy still seems to be high on the trend barometer.  Many of the stands I saw at Maison et Objet featured taxidermy as part of their decorative displays, but there were more specialists there than I felt comfortable with.  Indeed it didn’t just stop at the stuffing of animals, I saw A LOT of fur. It decorated armchairs and sofas both casually as throws and as decorative detailing. I even saw fur rugs. For many fur isn’t a big deal but I’d love to believe they were all really good faux fur but that just wasn’t the case. Not surprisingly these stands weren’t too happy about me taking pictures.

I understand that taxidermy isn't new and is ingrained with many cultures and has been for centuries. 

It's just not my cup of tea.


Friday, 11 February 2011

Bring me sunshine, bring me colour!

I’m trying to lull myself into believing that spring is here and I feel the best way to achieve this is a shot of high voltage colour.

On the first day of my trip to Maison et Objet, I had to look high and low to find strong colour.  There was lots of B&W and still plenty of grey to be seen - which I really do like.  But the hits of bright colour I was looking for were harder to find. On day two however, I literally fell over these pots and planters by Dean Flowers. Such wonderfully glossy and brightly coloured pots and planters that made my heart sing.


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Black is great but Black & White is better

The scene was set at Maison et Objet last month, when Paola Navone created a black and white couture spirit to grace exhibition hall 7. Navone a celebrated architect-designer-art director-stylist turned the éditeurs hall and the Mariage Freres tea salon into a veritable graphic feast.

The strong black and white theme was visible through out the exhibitors at Maison et Objet with many showing in a monchrome way – black on black and all white rooms. What stood out was the luxury it evoked by just using textures - glossy, matt, wood grain finishes and endless tactile materials. It created a wonderful backdrop to showing and creating artistic displays and vignettes. The more successful room scenes had wonderful lighting – moody and sexy. A word to the wise though I imagine you’d be forever dusting and/or cleaning.

Portuguese brand Boca do lobo (above) showed black on black with its Manu Secretary Desk in high gloss lacquer and leather. In the trends section they showed their Diamond limited edition cabinet in glossy pink against black & white.

La Fibule had a wonderfully dark and moody stand with light colour fabrics contrasting against the dark backdrop and showcasing their silhouettes beautifully. I'm particularly taken with the Kay chair, Hepburn sofa and the Winston floor lamp - wonderful retro/mid century feel.

Branco Sombre Branco another Portuguese brand showed lots of white on their stand. I found it very calming in the chaos of Maison et Objet. However the floral chair was my main draw and I’ll post more about it.

Esquire stand showing a strong masculine theme and again lots of black on show.

Photo Credits: Mary Middleton, La Fibule, Esquire and Boca do lobo

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