Friday, 9 December 2011

Follow Friday – blog love

I am continually amazed at the time spent by talented people sharing their passions with the world – superb photographers, wonderful writers, people with wonderful graphical/colour balance and those with a nose for an interesting story. Bloggers who know how to get me excited and/or interested in their subject. Completely in awe of so many out there, so I thought I’d share with you some of my recent favourite blogs that I am following.  So grab a cup of tea/coffee/mulled wine and have a mooch through these 6 gems.   

1) I have been following the wonderfully talented Will at Bright Bazaar for many years but his series “10 things I learned and loved this weekend” is an absolute favourite. I have to tune in to see what he’s been up to every week. I know it’s sad to live life vicariously…. But he has too much fun.
2) I met Annabel at a bloggers press day earlier this year and we instantly hit it off. Her blog Insideology has insights into products, interior design and her new obsession photography. A recent BYW student (like me and Igor below) and also an interior designer in training. 
3) The ever-lovely Igor at Happy Interior blog is a great person to chat to on twitter. His lovely smiley blog always has something to make me go "ahhh" - especially the wonderful interiors he finds. Always put together in the most thoughtful way, his posts are a visual treat.  He's a well travelled bunny too and his "from place to space" series show's his globe trotting style.
4) Marianne at Nordic Bliss is definitely worth stopping by. Boy is this a stylish blog, it makes my knees go weak and I want to live in most of the places shown. It also fulfils my need/desire for all things Nordic/Scandi etc. Can you tell I’m on Stockholm count down?
5) Now I'm not a huge follower of wedding blogs but one I do like to dip in and out of is Ciara at Style Serendipity. It’s full of gorgeous styling and fantastic pictures, if you have a big day to plan then this blog should be on your list.
6) The fresh exchange is a relatively new find of mine. Megan has just blogged about a trip to Austin that just makes me want to go! Her pics are fantastic and collaged in an enticing way. Her series Megan fancies always has products I want on it too… shame some don’t ship to the UK. 



  1. Thanks for sharing Mary. I aready read BB and Happy Interiors daily, and shall now go and check out the others! (ps loving your shopping pieces on Heart Home blog mwah!) xx Michaela

  2. @NordicBliss Marianne
    @Peagreen98 thank you so much Mary! Some of my Favourite reads on that list.

  3. Michaela do you have any other must reads? Obviously yours - love it when it lands in my inbox :)

  4. Mary I'm so flattered that you featured my blog, thank you so much!

    I love your blog too and it's looking absolutely brilliant lately :)

  5. Thank you so much for including Happy Interior Blog among those amazing blogs - and all of it presented on your super duper blog!!! I am happy:-)

  6. Ah, Mary, thank you so much. This is a lovely surprise to return from Edinburgh to see - thank you for the kind and generous words! Delighted to be included in the list amongst real life friends and fab bloggers from across the world. Have a lovely weekend :)

  7. Thanks so much for including me in your fab round up, so chuffed to be featured among so much talent and delighted you are enjoying Style Serendipity as much as I love your blog! Made my day! Ciara :)


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