Monday, 31 October 2011

Monday Inspiration - Project Install

After a busy time with my trip to Paris, then London Design festival and then the London Art festival, I am now looking forward to winter.  But before I can start planning my Christmas d├ęcor, next month I am installing a project in a Grade II listed building. I’m really looking forward to seeing the hard work and planning for this project fully visualised for my clients. 
We are very close to the finish line on this one, can't wait.

Images via Mary Middleton Design, TartanScot blog, Pinterest, House & Garden and tumblr_Lovinglysimple


  1. I love the mood board!

  2. Hello Mary. I love the collage! did you do that in Pickik? I'm trying Picasa and finding it very annoying indeed :(


  3. Tariro I'm glad you like the mood board - the property is the countryside so I guess it makes sense. We've got hits of orangey red going on to which I pleased about

  4. Hi Annabel I've got Adobe photoshop and indesign as I use them for work. I had a quick look at Picnik but I don't really need it. It seems to have some nice tools to make effects easily though. I liked the collage you did for your depths of kent post

  5. I like the chair, really looks comfortable. I think that should be pricey. But I know the price is worth for the chair.


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