Thursday, 3 March 2011

“There is no blue without yellow and without orange” - Vincent van Gogh

It seems that in nearly every magazine and every blog I have read in the last couple of weeks, the colour blue is taking a staring role.  Blue in all its hues from royal blue or inky midnight, teal or bluey grey all are taking on bigger roles in 2011 fashion and paint palettes.

Blues have been gaining momentum with the fashion crowd and by all accounts it will make a big splash for spring/summer 2011. It’s also one of the colours that I can actually wear and feel very comfortable in.
Marchesa  - rippling silk and slippery satin
Fabulous jazz soles on these shoes by Tom and Fiona Slack

The colour blue evokes sky and water and with that brings my longing for warmer climes and sunshine. 
The Greek Isles
Blue boat by Xavier Veilham from

Maybe that why I am so inspired by the Vincent van Gogh’s quote: There is no blue without yellow and without orange

Etsy Finds
Sergey Makhno’s Azure Office from
 Sergey Makhno’s Azure Office from
 Picture from Gallery
 Oceanic hues seen in products from
The secondary colour orange is the complement to blue on the colour wheel, it’s a colour with warmth and evokes exotic climes – Morocco, the Caribbean, India……  Yellow also works particularly well as a complement to blue, probably because it’s the color of sunshine and creates a warming effect. It’s also incredibly cheerful.
 Picture from Gallery
 Below 2 images from Massucco Warner Miller
These bold colours can look great in interiors and are uplifting. The intense blues work well with yellow, orange, coral, pink, white and also partnered with black. Jonathan Adler’s colourful and playful interiors below show blue with accents of yellow and orange
With the 60th Anniversary of the 1951 Festival of Britain this year and the success of Sanderson’s 50’s inspired collections, blue can have a retro vintage feel. 
Sanderson Wallpaper
I really like this fun blue wallpaper by Hygge & West called Daydream with a touch of bright coral  in the birds making a gorgeous accent shade and these yellow wellies set it off a treat.
Hopefully I’ll be able to incorporate blue pigments such as ultramarine, cerulean blue and cobalt blue into an interior this spring. After all, who doesn’t like blue?



  1. Gorgeous post! Happy Friday. :)

  2. Thanks Erica, hope you've had a great weekend

  3. Love the post! Our beach house is blue and the porch cushions are orange :)
    Love the contrast and unexpected "pop"!!

  4. ohhh I'd love to see pics of your beach house. I love these colours together - there is such sharp contrast it just sings


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